DataProductType vocabulary

This is the description of the namespace as of 2019-07-19.

Terms from the vocabulary may be used in CAOM instances as values of the caom2:Plane.dataProductType field. The terms that are also included in the IVOA ObsCore-1.1 dataproduct_type values are to be used without the URI prefix (e.g. image instead of while CAOM-specific values must be fully qualified (e.g.

Alternate formats: RDF TTL

#imagetwo-dimensional imagetwo-dimensional data where the axes are position (longitude and latitide)
#cubemulti-dimensional datasetdataset with three or more axes
#spectrumdataset with spectral axisone- or two-dimensional data where the primary axis is energy
#timeseriestime series datadata presenting some quantity as a function of time
#visibilityvisibility datainstrumental radio data that may contain positon-energy-time-polarization axes
#eventevent listlist of discrete events (usually detections of single photons)
#measurementsderived resultsa list of values extacted by analysis of other types of datasets
#catalog#measurementssource catalog [CAOM]measurements of spatially resolved sources extracted from an image or cube
#sedspectral energy distributiondata product produced by combining flux data at different energies